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Last updated on 07/20/07


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Variegated wool. If you have a wool carpet that loses color just few days after its installation, it may be due to defective wool. In addition to color loss, you may also see white streaks or lines. The wool new, may have a luster to it. This defect has to do with hollow regions inside the filament. These hollow regions are called modulation. If the wool can not be dyed, then it is said to be variegated.

Synthetics and woolens loss luster and/or loss luster for different reasons. Little is written about this topic. Check out the new page at http://www.carpetinspector.com/members/Luster%20Research.htm

The Government Supply Agency, (GSA), published a interim federal specification called CARPET AND RUGS, WOOL, NYLON, ACRYLIC, MODACRYLIC POLYESTER, POLYPROPYLENE.

The research section under Appearance Retention was updated. There is a new page on Latex Research.

There is a new were three new reports added on October 22, 2002 on Extractable Mater, LKQ, and Twist Retention.

The Old Reports page has been redone with a new format and new reports. The new format includes descriptions of the reports and categories. The navigational bars on the top of the page includes reports that fit just that category; below that is a description of what the category is about, then the list below that includes a broader list of additional reports that fit into other categories too. The categories are linked here and include Appearance Retention, Browning, Cleaning Errors (Professional), Color Loss, Delamination, Design Flaws, Double Stick Failures, Fading, Fuzzing & Pilling, Installation Errors, Latex Problems, Lines, Bands, & Streaks, Matting & Crushing, Maintenance Errors, Pile Height & Weight Differences, Pooling, Shedding, Side Match, Specification Problems, Upholstery Reports, Water Damage, Yarn Slippage and Yellowing. This makes 25 categories and your recommendation for additional reports or additional categories would be appreciated.

The navigational bar on the top of every page has changed and is now in a text format instead of graphic bottom. It is divided by bars into three levels.

  1. The first level are the pages in the next lower level. For example, the Appearance Retention page has below it reports on appearance retention.
  2. The navigational bar above that contains pages on the same level as the parent page above the page you are on. For an example if you are reading the report on Color Loss in the shape of triangles, above that would be the Appearance Retention page.
  3. Separated by another bar and higher on the page is navigational bar that will bring up to this page which is called "Home".

The Research Section has a new format starting with Lines, Streaks, & Bands. Check it out and let me know if this better. There will be more work in this section soon.

The CARPET & RUG INSTITUTE has put the CRI105 & CRI104 installation standards on the web. The links are CRI 105 RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATION STANDARD & CRI104 COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION STANDARD

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